C.A.M.O. (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization)
The CAMO Catania Aero Club, EASA Part M Sub G, IT.MG.1085 certified, arises from the need to comply with European legislation to ensure the navigability of non-commercial aircraft. It is well known how much it is costly to create the necessary structure for every organization (Aero Club, Aircraft Company, Private), beacause of the cost required by the need for regulatory compliance and the recourse to more and more specialized and qualified professional resources. Often the reduced number of aircraft used by Operators makes uneconomical to organize such a single user structure: for this reason, many operators, Aero Clubs and private aircraft owners have entrusted the CAMO of the Aero Club in Catania, optimizing costs. Our simple and competitive management system employs new IT technologies and takes advantage of the collaboration of professional experts accepted by the Aeronautical Authority, some of whom have many years of experience in the field of pertinence. The site is located at Catania Fontanarossa International Airport and is equipped, among other things, with modern servers through which it provides a timely computerized data management and digital archive service. We hold cheap the costs of any staff intervention (ARC Renewal, ENAC visits assistance). All the necessary applications, internally developed such as the SW “General Aviation Manager”, are available to manage all the documentation of the single aircraft or acquired as the consolidated SW “Aerocom” for maintenance planning. Workflow (publications, evaluation, planning, ODL issuance, RdL verification, etc.) is therefore carried out through applications on the Internet. This has the considerable benefit of not linking activities to the headquarters alone. The exchange of information between the Operator (School / Organization of Air / Private Work) and CAMO is established through clear collaboration agreements, approved by ENAC. Through these contracts the parties are both guaranteed in their respective assumptions of liability. To the Organization or Private serviced by the CAMO of the Aero Club of Catania is solely required to have a PC station with scanner and printer connected to internet and fax (mainly as a backup system). Aircraft Technical Log Book (ATL) pages or Technical Papers at the frequency established in the agreement and the interesting use information of the aircraft for navigability are thus forwarded to CAMO. The Operator receives similarly the maintenance schedules and Work Order drafts and all the communications and information necessary to maintain navigability and a high level of security. The customer receives credentials for access to SW “G.A.M.” in order to always have the fleet aircraft data available. The CAMO thus structured can provide the services required by the Operators (not Public Transport) on a fixed or rotating wing, even at a distance. Aircraft maintenance must be entrusted to one or more Maintenance Companies, selected by the Operator and qualified by the CAMO, as provided for by the regulations. If the Operator has its own Maintenance Company, the agreement may include other services aimed at alleviating the increased regulatory burden, especially with regard to staff certifications and quality assurance / quality review. Our CAMO also provides the following services:
  • Audits on and/or on behalf of Maintenance Companies by the CAMO Quality System, meeting the required requirements, while maintaining a high standard, avoiding excessive cost and complexity of the structure.
  • Qualification of suppliers, and execution of audits / extraordinary inspections.
  • Management of the Technical Folders and the certification of personnel at Part 66 or the Part-M sub-F qualification for both achievement and maintenance of technical certifications / qualifications.
  • Organization / preparation / development of update course / refresher / qualification for certified and non-certified technicians.
  • Provide on the dedicated General Aviation Manager portal to the Operators contracted by the Operator, electronic copies of all aircraft documentation (flight documents, technical notes, maintenance documents, bills book, recent employment reports, etc.).
The cost of our services, which is definitely competitive on the current market, is customized to the type of aircraft (simple, complex, twin engine), employment (school, air or private) and the activity carried out.