ICAO English Language Proficiency Test

The Test of English for Aeronautical Communication (TEAC) is a plain English for Aviation language testing system designed to assess the English language proficiency (ELP) of aviation personnel for ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements compliance.

The TEAC is a human interaction test between 1 candidate and 1 examiner, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Test tasks are focussed as much as possible on contexts relevant to a candidate’s aviation role and experience. It is not a test of operational knowledge, but operational contexts and technical references are used to make sure that the ELP being assessed is appropriate.

Tests are produced with aviation professional input, and performances are assessed by 1 aviation professional and 1 language expert. The TEAC complies in all respects with the Test Service Provider requirements contained in ICAO Document 9835 ‘Manual on the implementation of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements’ (ICAO 9835), and EASA Part FCL.055 and related, published AMCs 1, 2 and 3.

The TEAC is produced, administered and managed by Lenguax which is both a UK CAA-approved ELP Testing Organisation and an approved EASA Language Assessment Body.

Read more about TEAC and listen to a sample test at www.lenguax.com/teac/

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Pricing for TEAC tests at On-Track

TEAC Test €175

A PDF e-certificate is produced for every test, but candidates can pay for a quicker service:
Express service (certificate processing guaranteed within 5 working days): €25

Express Plus service (processing is guaranteed within 3 working days): €50

Paper certificates (couriered within 10 working days to the TEAC Centre): €60