PPL(A) Course

The Private Pilot License PPL (A) allows you to operate as an airplane pilot for non-commercial purposes without any remuneration under the VFR rules.

Minimum Requirement


16 years-old

Medical License:

EASA Class 2

Theoretical Course 106 hrs:
  • Air law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Factor and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Air Navigation
  • Operational Procedure
  • Principle of Flight
  • Communication
  • Piloting Techniques
  • Safety
Practical Course 47 hrs:
  • 37 hrs dual with Flight instructor
  • 10 hrs solo Flight
  • Tecnam P2002 JF
  • Tecnam P92 JS
  • Theoretical examination: multiple-answers test in Italian language on the subjects of the theoretical course, carried out at our facility by an ENAC examination committee
  • Practical examination: 1:30 hrs flight examination with an ENAC flight examiner