Multi Crew Cooperation – MCC

The MCC course is designed to train pilots in the team skills required for the safe operation of a multi-crew aircraft.
The practical part takes place on our FNTP II ALSIM Alx 500 simulators in Catania and Ragusa at all stages of flight: normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. The course meets EASA requirements.

Minimum Requirement


Valid CPL/IR ME, ATPL Theoretical

Language Skill:

English ICAO Level 4

Flight Experience:

Minimum 250 hrs Total Flight time

Medical License:

EASA Class 1

Theoretical Course 25 hrs:
  • Communication
  • Human Factor
  • Model Shell Man/machine/environment
  • Management of Cockpit
  • Operational Procedure Standard SOP
Practical Course 20 hrs:
  • 5 mission 4 hrs for each
  • Alsim Alx 500 FNTP II