The course is structured to give to the future Flight Instructor an adequate knowledge of the teaching techniques in which attention is paid to the applicant’s maturity and ability to judge.
It is designed to provide the aspirant instructor with specific skills in the area of teaching and threat assessment and error management according to performance standards specified in AMC 1 FCL.920.
The training provided during the course is designed to develop awareness of security and the knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the instructor’s task. It includes in particular the following aspects:

  • Refresh the professional knowledge of the aspirant instructor
  • Train the aspiring instructor to teach theoretical and flying exercises
  • Ensure that the flying standard of the instructor is of a sufficiently high standard
  • Teach the aspirant instructor the basic principles of education and how to apply them to the training level required by the PPL

Minimum Requirement


18 years-old



PPL(A) + CPL(A) Theoretical

Flight Experience:

– 10 hrs IFR
– 20 hrs VFR

-200 hrs Total Flight Time form this 150 hrs as PIC
-30 hrs-1 Flight of navigation VFR with not less than 540 km with full stop landing in two different airport.

Level of Education:

Diploma of Middle School

Medical License:

EASA Class 1

Theoretical Course 125 hrs:
  • Human Factor
  • Elements and Technical of Piloting
  • Didactic Elements
  • Long & Short Briefing
  • Teaching and Learning
Practical Course 30 hrs:
  • Volo on Dual 25 hrs
  • Volo on Reciprocal 5 hrs
  • Tecnam P2002
  • Tecnam P92
  • Diamond DA40-180 Star
  • Siai Marchetti S205/20R
  • Theoretical-practical: examination held at the flight school location with an ENAC flight examiner