The Aero Club holds a hangar for aircraft maintenance.
The maintenance organization is approved according to EASA Part145.

Maintenance Manager: Gaetano Rapisarda
Technical Office: Anna Maria Pesce
Quality Manager: Eng. Francesco Surace

The Aero Club Catania CAMO, approved in accordance with EASA Part M Sub G (approval number IT.MG.1081), was established to comply with the European Regulation for ensuring the continuing airworthiness of non-commercial aviation aircrafts.
It is extremely expensive to create a specific organization to fit every need (Aero Club, Business aircraft, Private), mainly due to the higher cost required to comply with all additional requirements and the need for highly specialized and qualified professionals. The limited number of aircrafts by our customers led them to contract our organization, allowing us to interpret their problems and find the best solution to their needs, conveying them in a single CAMO that is meant to become available to an increasing number of customers.
Our structure features a lean and competitive management, new information technologies and the participation of experienced professionals with decades of experience and accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our main base is located in Catania and is equipped with modern servers to ensure an efficient management of information.
The work flow (publications, assessment, planning, issuing Work Orders, Work Report review, etc) takes place, on the Internet, via remote network applications. This has the remarkable advantage to be free from a physical location limitations.
The exchange of information between the operator (school/aerial work organization/private operator) is established by clear agreements approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Through these agreements, the parties are secured with regards to their own responsibilities.
The contracting party is only required to have a computer with a scanner and a printer connected to the internet and a fax (required as a backup system). This way the ATL pages, and airworthiness related information are forwarded to the CAMO (Aircraft Technical Log Book - completed and checked on the web), at the frequency established in the agreement.

The same way we exchange the information related to the maintenance schedules, Work Orders and all communications/information necessary to maintain the airworthiness and safety standards.
The customer is given with a user name and a password to access the management program (GAM) to keep its fleet under control.
In order to lower the workload, thus enabling the Maintenance Organizations to better focus on personnel, equipment, and marketing, our CAMO provides the following services:
 • Audit conducted by the CAMO quality system on and/or on behalf of the Maintenance Organizations, in compliance with the necessary requirements while maintaining a very high standard avoiding any increase in costs and organizational burden.
 • Qualification of suppliers, and execution of audits/unscheduled inspections.
 • Technical files and technical records management

 • Management/preparation/execution of training courses/recurrent training/qualification for licensed and unlicensed technicians.
 • Aircraft technical documentation (flight documents, technical logs, maintenance records, schedules, work reports, etc.).
Our organization develops CAMO Maintenance Programmes, Airworthiness Review (release ARC), preparation and management of Permits to fly, performs the procedures for the approval of exports certificate of airworthiness in addition to all other CAMO services.
The cost of our services is competitive and it will be agreed depending on the type of aircraft (simple/complex single-engine, twin engine), on the VFR/IFR utilization (school/private) and the type of activities.

The Aero Club Catania provides, at Catania-Fontanarossa (LICC) airport, the Avgas 100LL. The refueling station is located in the proximity of the General Aviation Apron also known as the "Pentagon".
Pilots who intend to refuel their aircraft may request our services and be informed about the current price of fuel by calling the secretary at the following phone number 095 341027 or by email