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  • 14-09-2013

    Jean Todt, FIA president and former Ferrari DS, visited our Aero Club together with his wife, the actress Michelle Yeoh. On board our aircrafts, they performed a pleasant flight over the Aeolian Islands and Etna's summit craters accompanied by their friends. Upon arrival they enjoyed a recreation with typical Sicilian sweets and liqueur!

  • 30-06-2013 Montagnana

    The Aero Club Catania aircrafts participated to the Aero Club Fly Party 2013 organized at Montagnana airfield (PD) by the Association of Italian Historical Aircraft (HAG). It was an opportunity to show our SIAI 205 and, more importantly, an opportunity for our ATPL Cadet Pilots to plan and conduct a flight different from the usual training programme.
    The I-IBAD crew was composed by: Captain Rullo, Mario Terranova, Stefano Mirulla and Maurizio Marrone.

    The I-TELT crew was composed by, Captain Quattrocchi, Antonio Luca and Alessandro Cavallaro.
    First stop: Serristori airfield (AR), where we had an excellent dinner. The next stop took place in Montagnana, where we watched the Air Show. After lunch at Caorle airfield we were heading back to Catania LICC

  • 10-01-2013 Catania

    The SIAI is back in vintage livery

    The I-IBAD will fly again soon.

    Our SIAI 205 in its new livery inspired by a historical SIAI series of the 60’s and fully refurbished interiors. The aircraft underwent a maintenance check and it’s ready to be flown for professional training.

  • 10-06-2012 Acireale

    Frecce Tricolori over the Aci’s sea

    The Frecce Tricolori performed their air show at Acireale, a memorable event managed by the Aero Club Catania. The Frecce Tricolori has enchanted the public from all over the Sicily. The ten aircraft, led by Commander Marco Lant, performed 18 maneuvers during the 27 minutes show. Before the main event, a show was performed with the participation of: the 41st Atlantic of Sigonella Air Force; the aircrafts of the Aero Club Catania, the Blue Voltige Patrol’s motor gliders, the solo pilots Sandro Pagliarini on a Texan T6 and Rudy Natale on a CAP 231 and, last but not least, the Guardia di Finanza helicopters.The day ended with a memorable gala dinner in the unusual and beautiful location of the Aero Club hangar and apron.