The Model Aircrafts division is in charge for flying model aircrafts’ operations and promoting aeronautical culture, participating to all initiatives proposed by municipalities, schools, associations or institutions where our presence and know-how is required.

The Aeronautical Institute "A. Ferrarin" attracts a high number of enthusiasts. Many students are members of the Aero Club. The Aero Club’s Model Aircrafts division and Aeronautical Institute’s model aircrafts classroom continuously exchange information, know-how and model aircrafts culture.

The Aero Club’s Model Aircrafts division has also a remarkable reputation in model aircrafts aerobatic sport competitions. We have participated in many events such as Limbo competitions and the Italian Championship F3A/S Aerobatic category. Our members, Fabio Papale, Ivan Leo and Cosimo Mauro were award-winning in 1999 and 2000 and admitted to F3A, the highest category.

Noteworthy is the placing obtained in the same category during the following years. In 2008 was held the 1st Sicilian Aerobatic Championship which involved three clubs (Aero Club Catania, Messina Phoenix Flight Club and Palermo Model Aircraft Group) in order to encourage new athletes to join our Clubs. The placing obtained by our members (Carmel Lizzo, Augustine Nicolosi and Andrea Di Bartolo) were outstanding.

To subscribe to the Model Aircrafts Division, please contact the secretary of the Aero Club of Catania to the number 095-341027 or 328-6869893.
The membership fees are listed in the Membership fees page.
The fee also includes the cost of the liability insurance.

Model aircrafts activities are carried out just a few kilometers away from Catania (about 15 minutes by car - Valcorrente area), in Belpasso district.

Click here to display the location of the airfield on Google Maps.

The airfield has the following features:

    Hard court runway mt. 170
    Car parking mt. 100 x 5
    Models assembly area, separated from the public area, Mt. 80
    Roofing and seats sm. 30
    Drinkable water fountain located at Mt. 80 from the runway
    Possibility to park campers and roulottes

How to reach the airfield:


From the west ring road: On the ring road, exit at Misterbianco – Paternò and follow the signs to Paternò, exit at Valcorrente and follow the signs to the " Zoo di Sicilia". You will drive on a straight road, after the level crossing there you will find the "Aero Club of Catania - Model Aircrafts Field " sign, then follow the signs.


From the airport or from CT-PA A18 highway: exit from the airport/highway, follow the  signs to West ring road - Highway CT-ME. Proceed on the ring road toward Messina, exit and follow the signs to Misterbianco - Paternò.
Continue for Paternò and follow the above reported instructions.


A) Requirements to access the airfield.

To be eligible to access the airfield and to use it, you must meet the following requirements:

1) Subscription to the Aero Club of Catania. The membership fee, including the third party liability insurance shall be paid within the time limit provided by the Statute. In any case, the model aircraft flight activity can be carried out only once you have paid the membership fees for the current year. A member who does not wish to renew the subscription is required to return the keys to access the runway to the head of Model Aircrafts Division. At the time of subscription or renewal,  the member will be provided with an ID card, which shall be clearly visible when inside the airfield.

2) Ability to take off, fly and safely land a model airplane or helicopter. The beginners can use the runway, only if assisted by an expert pilot. Only after the beginner has acquired the necessary skill to fly an aircraft safely, he will be able to freely access the field.

3) Perspective minor members can subscribe only after parents approval. Under 14 members may participate to the activities only under supervision of an assigned tutor.

4) Subscription for acceptance of this Regulation and its revisions.

b) Car parking

Cars must be parked properly, along one side and next to the orchard, arranged in a fish bone pattern. The car parking is reserved exclusively to registered members. Families and spectators must park their cars before the "STOP" symbol placed in the access road to the runway. It’s forbidden to park beneath or in the area in front of the roofing.

c) Area cleaning standards.

Each member must ensure that the area is kept as clean as possible. It is strictly forbidden to leave on the field cleaning cloths, parts of aircrafts involved in accidents and any kind of waste. Disposal of any damaged aircraft must be carried out of the airfield.

d ) Noise reducers

All aircrafts on the airfield MUST be equipped with noise reducers, in order to minimize the noise of the engines. It is therefore strictly forbidden to use open exhaust mufflers, even if approved for the engine type. Any aircraft not in compliance with this rule cannot be flown.

e) Time schedules and access

It is permitted to carry out activities every day of the week from 08.30 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 21.00. Those who are engaged in flight from Monday to Friday, have to lover the barrier as soon as they enter, is in the rights of each member to secure the barrier with the lock. The last member leaving the field is in charge to close and secure the access. In the days of full activity (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), the access may be left open. Under no circumstances a member may lend or provide the keys to a non-registered person. The model aircrafts and helicopters powered with an electric motor can perform activities without interruption from 08.00 to 21.00.


a) Escorts

Each member is directly responsible for the persons accompanying him (family, relatives, friends) and must ensure that they remain within the assigned safety zones.

b) Radio equipment and frequencies

It’s strictly forbidden to power on any radio equipment before it has been ensured that on the frequency panel there are no same or very close frequencies already in use. Before starting the flight activity, each member shall display on the panel the frequency he is going to use.

c) Aerobatics

Aerobatics must be performed at a safety distance from the people on the field. It is therefore strictly forbidden to perform aerobatics above the people and in the immediate vicinity of both the models’ make up area and the car parking. Recurrent failure to comply with these rules leads to THE SUSPENSION OF THE PILOT FROM USING THE FACILITY.

d) Engines power up.

During power up, due care must be exercised to avoid dangerous situations that may compromise the safety of the operator and that of the people in the immediate vicinity. It’s strictly forbidden: to set in motion model aircrafts in the presence of people placed to the right, to the left and to the front. it is strictly forbidden to start and stop any type of aircraft, both electric and internal combustion, of any size under the roofing, since it is the safety zone reserved for the public. When setting an aircraft in motion, it is necessary to make sure that the airflow is always directed toward the runway, thus avoiding damages to other models.

e) Testing

The member which intends to test its aircraft, it is required first to inform other pilots and only after having received their approval, he is authorized to proceed. It’s therefore essential that during a test flight, all other activities (test engines and flights) are temporarily suspended.


a) Priority order

Flying aircrafts with engine shut down, gliders and aircrafts in emergency have the priority to land.

b ) Take-off

The pilot who intends to take off before reaching the runway, must check that there aren’t other models in landing or takeoff. Moreover it is necessary to inform other pilots who are flying at that moment, about the intention to use the runway, and the all clear signal shall be obtained before proceeding. After takeoff, the runway MUST BE IMMEDIATELY made free, and the pilot must reach a free pilot stand. It is not permitted to occupy the runway for a long time for the engine adjustments. For safety reasons, model hand-throwing, from the area used for the assembly and disassembly of the aircrafts, is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to carry out taxiing with the engine running from the ignition box to the runway, so the aircraft with the engine running must be held by hand and took to the runway threshold.

c) Landing

The pilot who intends to land must give a notice to the other pilots flying at that time. After landing, the runway must be made free as soon as possible. The pilot is required to stay on the pilot stand and cannot occupy the runway. It is forbidden to taxy the aircraft from the runway to the ignition box.

d) Number of models in flight

The maximum number of aircraft in flight at the same time, both electric and internal combustion, is three units. The fourth may be a glider or sailplane.

e) Aerospace limits.

It shall be strictly avoided to fly over houses located to the west of the field. It is possible to exceed the south limit only for the performance of landing, provided that the safety zone, which is the parking area adjacent to the runway, is observed.

f) Fly over.

The pilot who intends to perform low-altitude fly over above the runway must first notify the other flying pilots, Fly over is allowed at low speed only.

g ) Helicopters.

The rules to fly rc helicopters as the same as those for model aeroplanes. For safety reasons there is no overing area, thus aeroplanes have always the priority to land.  Helicopters can be flown only by expert pilots on Saturdays and Sundays provided that the take-off and landing is performed in a short time. As for airplanes,  helicopters may use the runway only for take-off and landing, the fly over must be announced and made
​​at low speed. Should any condition endanger safety, the helicopter may be required to land immediately. Beginners are allowed to: perform low altitude overing test from Monday to Friday during the established time schedules. Low altitude overing test may be performed the entire week from 13.30 to 14.45. In both cases, provided the operations shall be carried out safely and within the agreed schedules.

4 . Sanctions

The main purpose of this Regulation is "SAFETY". Each member that use the runway is required to sign this regulation for acceptance. By signing it, each member commits himself not only to fully and thoroughly respect the regulation, but also to take an active role to enforce others to observe it. Each member shall be provided with a copy of this regulation, which must always be kept on hand. Implementation and compliance with the rules here established is a responsibility of the Head of the Model Aircraft Division or his deputy which shall report any noncompliance to the President and to the Disciplinary Board.



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