In the mid-20’s of the last century, the first aviation enthusiasts of Catania began to fly in the newly built airport. In those years, the flight pioneer Bartolomeo Cattaneo who used the SPAD 42 I- HICA moved to Catania.

The Aero Club of Catania, federated to the Royal Aero Club of Italy, was officially established in 1934. The fleet was made up of Caproni Ca100 " Caproncino " from Breda 15N and a Fiat AS 1. In 1936, according to the ministerial regulations, its name was replaced with RUNA ( Royal Aviation National Union).

When the Second World War reached Catania and its airport, the aircrafts of the Club were dismantled and transferred to the premises of the Ursino Castle, where, in August 1943, were found by British troops who restored them to airworthy conditions and used them during the allied occupation to train their pilots in the backline or improvise flight training for the troops. For a few months the I-CATO, the I-CATL and other peaceful airplanes bore the British and U.S. marks.

After the war, the thriving Aero Club of Catania nothing was left. It was on Baron Romeo Consalvo initiative that, in 1948, the reconstruction of the society have been started, first creating the "Regional Union of the Aero Club of Sicily" which obtained the authorization from the Regional Government to make, in 1948, the Italian Airplane Tour cross Sicily. The aircrafts made ​​a stop in Catania, an airport where the devastation left by the war was still evident.

The year after, once the Aero Club of Italy was rebuilt, the Aero Club of Catania returned to be federated. Two Avia FL3 (I-SICI and I-SIMA) and two Macchi MB 308 were purchased to resume the training and touristic operations. In 1949 were released the first flight licenses after the war, among them that of Lia Iachello, first aviator woman of Sicily.

Catania members participated in those years in various aeronautical sports competitions: in one of them, held in Pescara at the end of the 50’s, the pilot Pine Tosto tragically died aboard an Alaparma 75. After the accident the Aeroclub took his name.

With D.P.R. 16 april 1962, Aero Club of Catania has been recognized the "legal personality". It is registered in Regione Siciliana Register of Legal Personality.

In the mid-70’s the partnership with the Aeronautical Institute "A. Ferrarin" has been launched with the purpose of directing its students to flight. Recently the partnership expanded its scope to include the training of maintenance personnel.

Since then, thanks to a proper management of resources and entering into service of new aircrafts, made available by the Aero Club of Italy through various "Fleet Renewal Plan", over the years, the school is continually increasing its capability and number of flight hours.

In recent years, the Aero Club has strengthened its training division, with a special focus on cost control. First among others Italian Aero Clubs, Catania Aero Club has added VLA type aircrafts (Tecnam P92 / P2002 ) to the fleet, allowing our customers to fly and obtain the Private Pilot License at lower prices. According to its new policy about cost management, in 2010, the Aero Club purchased a twin-engine IFR aircraft, type Tecnam P2006, to be used for professional training.


The Aero Club is located inside Catania Fontanarossa International Airport(ICAO code: KAG) and it’s easily accessible from the customs gate (to the right of the airport, near the control tower).


To visit us and our facility please call +39 095341027(from9.00 to 13.30and from15.30 to 19.00) to schedule a meeting, arrange for access permission and pick you up at the security check point.

Chairman - Stefano Arcifa
Management board
Filippo Papale – Co-chairman 
Angelo Amaro
Vincenzo Marletta
Fabio Papale
Pietro Furnari
Powered flight – contact person - Antonio Luca
Model aircrafts division – contact person - Corrado Santoro 
Financial Auditors
Giuseppe Di Forti
Enrico Scuderi
Arcangelo Placenti 

Pilot membership fee € 400.00

Under 21 Pilot membership fee € 250.00

Model aircraft membership fee € 190.00

Revalidation/Renewal membership fee € 100.00

Pilot entrance fee € 70.00

Under 21 Pilot entrance fee € 40.00

Model aircraft entrance fee € 20.00